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Home ad reveals Joker DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum on PS3 [update]


Click for big bow tie-sized image

There's a very peculiar ad in PlayStation Home right now. As you can see above, it would appear the PS3 is on the receiving end of Joker's brand of funny, as several billboards sprinkled throughout Home advertise "Exclusive Joker challenge maps" for the PS3 version of Batman: Arkham Asylum. We decided to hop on Home ourselves and snapped the pic you see above.

We've contacted Eidos for clarification and will update as soon as we've heard back. Oh, and if you're scratching your head at the concept of "challenge maps," then you didn't read about our time with the game back at GDC09. For shame. We're dialing your mother right now.

Update: We've added a gallery with another delightfully precarious shot of the Joker, just below. Don't shoot!

Gallery: Batman Arkham Asylum - Joker Maps in Home | 2 Photos

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