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LotRO's 2nd Anniversary brings another "Welcome Back Week"

William Dobson

The Lord of the Rings Online is turning two, and its not just the current players that can celebrate. A number of incentives are being offered to lure former subscribers back into the world of Middle-earth, and emails spreading the word have gone out. There is a "Welcome Back Week" of the kind that we're becoming accustomed to seeing quite often now, starting on the 24th of April and ending on the 30th. This means that past subscribers can jump right back into the game for free during the week. The 25% experience bonus (on top of any rested experience bonus) of the last weekend will also be in effect, for all players.

As well as this, special subscription pricing of US$9.99 a month (for 3-month or longer plans) is available again. Both current and former subscribers are able to take advantage of the promotional pricing, but 1-month plans remain at the usual price. For the last little treat, monsters in-game will be dropping rare loot that can be traded for anniversary gift boxes containing a range of special items. Stay tuned to Massively for much more detailed coverage of LotRO's birthday tomorrow.

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