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Microsoft Q309: Xbox division loses $31 million, 360 sales up 30%


Microsoft's third quarter may not have been the hotness, but the company's entertainment and devices division (that's Xbox) can have a very tiny fiesta to celebrate its sales victory. The mega-corp's revenues took a 6% beating, with net income down 32% over the prior year to $2.98 billion. The Xbox's (Zune, etc.) entertainment and devices division lost 31 million this quarter, after achieving a $106 million profit during the same time last year.

On a happier note -- and pretty much the only relevant part for gamers -- the Xbox 360 console sold 1.7 million units during the quarter, an impressive year-over-year increase of 30 percent. The company also claims that the current tie ratio for the console is 8.3 games per owner. The company's chief financial officer said he was happy with the results given that this is the "most difficult economic environment" in the company's history.

Source -- Microsoft's Xbox 360 division loses $31 million
Source -- Microsoft Reports Third-Quarter Results

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