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Orange getting in on Foxconn-sourced Android phones from Sony Ericsson?

Chris Ziegler

You might recall that Orange was already rumored to be on board for some Android action from Sony Ericsson this year, and a new report out of the always-accurate DigiTimes (we kid, we kid) would certainly seem to corroborate that. Specifically, the publication says that Sony Ericsson is eyeing Foxconn to produce its Android sets, which is convenient considering that the company was recently rumored to be moving away from HTC for its WinMo devices -- and in light of that, it's entirely plausible that Foxconn could be landing a whole bunch of contracts from these guys. The rumor goes on to say that Orange expects to jointly launch an Android device (or devices, plural) with Sony Ericsson in time for the holidays this year, and if the Idou is anything to go by, we're interested to see what sort of hardware they can pump out with this deal.

[Via Unwired View]

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