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Ask Engadget: Best mobile note-taking device?

Darren Murph

Like it or not, the spiral bound notebook is going the way of the Dodo. Okay, so maybe that's absolutely incorrect and totally sensationalistic, but you catch our drift. If not, take a whiff of what reader Allan is cooking:

"My boss is a prolific note taker, filling many spiral bound notebooks with notes. As I deal with more projects, I find myself moving in the same direction. I would love the ability to search my notes, something not available with dead tree software. Is there a simple relatively cheap device that would allow me to take notes (preferably using hand writing), and then search them later? Ideally, I'd like something the size of a small internet tablet, but no smaller than an iPod touch. I'm looking for something far cheaper than a full-blown tablet PC, by the way."

So, ladder climbers -- what's the deal here? What device would you recommend for wowing that suit in the corner office while making your note taking all the more efficient? When you're done answering, shoot us a question of your to ask at engadget dawt com.

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