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Capcom looking for a few good Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 players in Europe


Capcom has been combing the desert Europe looking for the best Street Fighter IV players around, Eurogamer reports. Utilizing the new Championship mode to track your Grade Points (which determines your overall rank in the standings, naturally), the contest is open starting today and ends on May 17. Then, on the week of May 30, the best 30 fighters from each of the participating countries -- UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain -- will be matched up to decide the champion of each nation. After that, the five winners will then be flown to a secret location (we're crossing our fingers for inside of a volcano) on the weekend of June 13 to compete for the grand prize: an Aerox R Yamaha scooter and matching SFIV jackets.

If you're a Joystiq reader, and you make it to the finals and win this scooter, we suggest you name it Sasha.

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