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Found Footage: 3 Numbers traveler's multicalculator


TUAW readers know that I'm a sucker for good iPhone user interface design; that's why I love the apps from Tapbots so much. I also have a soft spot for steampunk, so when we received a tip about the 3 Numbers "traveler's multicalculator" (click opens iTunes) today, I immediately clicked through to watch the demo video.

3 Numbers is the brainchild of Berlin developer Halle Winkler. It's not just a converter application, it's an adventure! Visiting the 3 Numbers website, you find that this mysterious polished brass device filled with glowing vacuum tubes and spinning gears was "found" by the developer in an old dusty box in the attic.

3 Numbers is more than just a pretty face, though. It has some unique features, such as being able to keep up to 3 numbers in a holding area for future use, writing notes to accompany calculations, and being able to access those notes from any Bonjour-enabled computer on your wireless network.

Please enjoy the developer's video demonstrating this US$4.99 app, accompanied by the lovely strains of Elgar's Enigma Variation #10.

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