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Guild Wars celebrates their fourth year in style

Shawn Schuster

This Tuesday, April 28th, Guild Wars will be turning 4 years old. In true ArenaNet fashion, the game has kicked off an epic event that will last until Noon on April 29th. There is much of the usual festivities we've come to expect from Guild Wars, such as sugary treats, fireworks, Rollerbeetle Racing, the Dragon Arena and much more. Those characters turning four will receive their special four-year birthday mini pets on April 28th, but as an added bonus, those characters celebrating their 1-, 2- or 3-year birthdays will also receive a mini pets from their corresponding year.

If that's not enough, there's the brand new April update, just released last night. This update isn't a simple skill balance or bug fix, it actually introduces new mechanics and exciting new features to the game. We were given a teaser about this update earlier this month, but now the complete details, and some new surprises have arrived. Read on past the cut below to find out more details on these features.

Storage Upgrades
Several new storage options have been added to the game, including a special 4th anniversary storage obtainable through a special code, and four new storage tabs available for purchase on the online store for $9.99 USD each. On top of this, every character will receive a new Equipment Pack that is designed solely to hold weapons and armor.

Hall of Monument Upgrades
Aside from improving the usability and display functionality of the monuments themselves, ArenaNet has also improved the monument to include both personal and account-wide achievements.

The Zaishen Challenges and Menagerie
As we spoke about this earlier in the week, this is a new way for you to unlock and unleash your characters' pets. You can either spend Balthazar Faction, Zaishen Coins or even real cash to unlock the pets in the Menagerie. In addition, there are plenty of new Zaishen challenge quests to complete on the Battle Isles.

Nicholas the Traveler
Nicolas the Traveler, also known as Nicolas Sandford before the Searing, is a wandering NPC who gives players special quests to seek out his long lost trinkets that he values so much. Find him, and his trinkets each week. He gives out a limit of five gifts per week, per account. You can read more about his sad tale here.

Rename Your Character
That's right, now it's actually possible for you to rename your character in Guild Wars -- for a fee of course. For $14.99 USD, your character can finally get rid of that awful "Captin Longsord" name you made when you were a kid and upgrade to a real name, with proper spelling and everything!

Extreme Makeover
ArenaNet has announced the ability to actually change the physical attributes of your characters with new Makeover credits. This is something that many players have been demanding for years now, and it has finally arrived. This allows you to change your character's hair style, hair color, skin color, body scale, facial type and even gender! A regular Makeover Pack is $9.99 USD, which includes five Makeover Credits, each allowing you to change any of these physical features on your character. The Extreme Makeover credits are the same price, but allow gender change in addition to all other physical feature changes.

So with all of these new additions added to Guild Wars and the Guild Wars online store, we're curious to hear your opinion on it. Let us know in the comments!

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