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Jim Lee to illustrate Gears of War comic cover

Jason Dobson

Why miss, you look awfully proud of yourself. Is it because you had the gumption to down a brumak or did you look down and realize that you were drawn by comic book icon Jim Lee? Just go on sitting inappropriately atop that beastie's noggin while you mull it over.

Calling Gears of War "visceral yet elegant," Lee will illustrate the cover for the #9 issue of DC's comic book adaptation, which launched in late 2008 under the company's Wildstorm imprint. The issue is said to introduce a new character to the story, who we'd guess is miss sassy pants up there. According to the publisher, the series has enjoyed success so far among comic book enthusiasts, with the first two issues completely selling through their initial printing. The Jim Lee-covered issue is expected to fill collectors' pull lists in July, while a second alternate cover by Epic's art director Chris Perna is promised as well. Now, climb down off that thing, you're making us nervous.

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