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WoW Moviewatch: Nobody Like You episode 2


Oh my goodness. I can't believe that I just now got the joke. The main character in Ninth Batter's series is called "Nobody." The title of the series is "Nobody Like You." Get it? If it were Bob, the joke would be saying that it's a "Bob Like You."

Ninth Batter has released "Nobody Like You Episode 2." It's a short episode. The whole thing only runs about 3:00 minutes soup to nuts, including the final credits. According to the author, he just didn't feel that more material "fit" in this bite sized piece. I think that makes sense, since the jokes in this skit do pretty well when they stand alone.

Arthas continues his emo trend, though now he's coming across a little more like a distraught ex-boyfriend than a dark and gloomy master. Ninth has added a female to the cast, which I think will turn out well. Nobody needs someone to play off and interact with, besides just the tragic Arthas in the background.

Ninth has mentioned that he's not sweating the video art quailty, and trying to stay focused on his content. I think that's a pretty good call. The "simple" style is actually developing into a tagline for the series, a kind of visual style that makes it stand out.

Great work so far, Ninth. I can't wait to see episode 3.

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