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X-mini Max II looks like a trash can, pumps out the jams


If you've ever thought to yourself, "I could use a pair of tiny, tinny, and aesthetically-impaired portable speakers for my laptop or PMP," this is your lucky day. X-Mini, known for pushing sound through something that looks like a cross between alien hardware and a donut, is back on the scene with the Max II. A stunning departure from the usual fare, this thing ditches the wagon wheel in favor of something that one of Dark Helmet's minions might wear in Spaceballs. Apparently, the new design also features a bigger driver meaning, you guessed it, "twice the bass." We didn't have the heart to point out that two times bupkis is still bupkis. We're not sure when this 2.5W sonic wonder will be released in the US, but we'll be keepin' our eyes peeled.

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