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EVE Online video shows off design evolution of Tech III ships

James Egan

The CCP Games art team is behind the latest EVE Online dev blog, one that focuses on the game's newest ship class, the Tech III 'strategic cruisers', as well as the EVE's updated effects. Tech III has brought modular ship designs to the sci-fi title, introducing a new level of flexibility and complexity to the game. EVE developer CCP jBot writes that the hundreds of potential configurations available when the Apocrypha expansion launched has expanded into the thousands (4096 to be precise) with the introduction of the fourth Tech III subsystem.

The versatility of strategic cruisers impressive but presently, as with anything new in EVE, their extreme costs make them a rarity in the game until prices reach something resembling equilibrium. Still, even ISK-challenged capsuleers dare to dream; CCP Games has put together a video that shows off the evolution of Tech III from the design sketches to blockout models, and right through paintovers to the the finished art assets. We've got it embedded for you below, best viewed in fullscreen HD.

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