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FF7's Cloud spotted in BSG spin-off, Caprica


Battlestar Galactica and gaming culture seem to go together like carrots, celery and onion (what, mirepoix too fancy for ya?). And so it's with little shock that we bring you the screen you see above from the upcoming Battlestar Galactica spin-off series, Caprica, captured by a gracious Joystiq reader. Is that ... Cloud? Cloud Strife? It is! Well, sorta, kinda.

Though the show isn't set to air until the beginning of next year on the Sci-Fi Syfy Channel, the two-hour pilot premiered via DVD and non-analog download this past week. Clearly the show's writers and/or set designers ... err ... someone on the set, decided to show their love for the critically acclaimed game and drop an Easter egg into the pilot in the form of Final Fantasy VII's protagonist. And while the image is a cartoony representation of the sharp-haired young gentleman, we'd be hard-pressed to not recognize that stance anywhere.

[Thanks, Thomas P.!]

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