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Video teases iPhone WoW client

Michael Sacco

I can honestly say that I would love to have WoW available on the go, for things ranging from checking my mail to browsing the auction house to leveling a death knight on long car trips. The iPhone seems like a great platform for something like that -- a pared-down but fully-functional WoW client.

And now we might be a little closer to that becoming a reality. Our sister site, Massively, just picked up a hot tip from Youtube, where someone has posted a video of a rumored Vollee port of World of Warcraft for the iPhone.

And it looks pretty darn cool, fake or not.

We've got the video and impressions after the jump.

And there you have it. My first reaction is to flail my arms around and scream "WAKE UP SHEEPLE" when asked about its authenticity, but there are factors that point to its possibile validity. The first is that Vollee has already been contracted to port Second Life to the iPhone; the second is that Vollee had previously announced a partnership with Activision; the third is that Vollee had also indicated that they'd be working on the iPhone.

So, it's possible. I can't verify its authenticity 100% either way -- if it's fake, it's a pretty cool fake, though. It wouldn't be very good for raiding, given the slight lag and the framerate, but for everyday activities and upkeep it'd be a very pleasant distraction and a competent piece of Azeroth for when you're on the move.

We're contacting Blizzard and Vollee to see if they have anything to say on the matter.

Thanks for the heads-up, Krystalle!


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