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Video teases World of Warcraft Vollee client for iPhone

We've heard about World of Warcraft coming to mobile phones - especially the iPhone - for quite some time now. We've seen video of people running WoW remotely and using different applications to stream the game, but it's generally been pretty lackluster and requires way too much messing around to use successfully. We've also heard rumors that Vollee, already working on a Second Life iPhone port, might have been tapped for a World of Warcraft port as well. This morning, video has been found that seems to show off a functional Vollee port for World of Warcraft. Whether this is actually legit or not, we can't say - but it certainly looks pretty awesome!

We're attempting to get confirmation from Blizzard or Vollee regarding the authenticity of this video now, and will let you know when we hear anything. For now, enjoy a look at what may well be the future face of mobile MMO gaming behind the break!

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