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This Champions Online trailer is your nemesis

Kyle Horner

The latest Champions Online trailer is up on Gamespot and delivers quite a bit of action with plenty of focus on the game's Nemesis system. We also get a look at various powers and the in-game visage of Defender and Doctor Destoryer complete with heroic and villainous voice work. It's all very dramatic and exciting.

Moreover, this newest video also shows of the recently seen-in-screens only Ice Slide travel power. We're really starting to have a tough time deciding which powers will fill our repertoire and none of them have even been -- officially, at least -- revealed yet!

Oh well, it's not like we know a release date to start counting down to yet- oh that's right we do have that. Hmm, seems like everything is in place for our (ahem) hero worship phase to begin. You can find the entire video after the break.

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