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Massively giveaway: Titan Online beta keys and special items

Shawn Schuster

If you haven't heard the news, Titan Online has just entered their beta stage, and we're here to help you get in! That's right, Massively has yet another beta key giveaway, and this time it's for EYA Interactive's Titan Online, a free-to-play robotic MMO that we've previewed in the past.

If you'd be interested in participating in this beta and learning a bit more about the game, simply leave a comment to this post telling us why. Unlike previous beta key giveaways where we chose winners at random from the pool of comments, this one offers beta keys to every person who leaves a comment from now until Tuesday, April 28th at 7am EST, when eligibility will close. That's right, it's a first-come first-serve giveaway this time and we have enough for everyone (up to 1,000). Tell your friends, but remember, only one entry per person. Winners will be notified and provided with their beta keys throughout the week, after the giveaway closes.

In addition to providing these keys as an entry into the beta, they also generate special random items for your character. Keep reading below to find out more detailed information on how these beta keys will work.

[Edit: Eligibility is now closed. Expect your keys soon if you made a comment within the eligibility period!]

When players register the keys on the website:

  • Each key will randomly choose one of the following items shown below and put them into their inventory.
  • Users will need to have already created their character.
  • Items are basically weapon costumes, which can go over current weapon at hand (basically a skin for your weapon).
  • Players will need to unseal the items to put them on.
  • Once the item is unsealed for use, the item will expire within 14 days.
  • Each weapon type is described in the name of the items.
  • Players can register the event key only 4 times.

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