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Report: Amidst protest, Konami abandons 'Six Days in Fallujah'

Justin McElroy

In response to a fairly public outcry, Konami has decided not to publish Atomic Games' take on the Iraq War, Six Days in Fallujah, just 21 days after announcing it, according to Asahi.

Wow, we just don't know where to start. Well, OK, first, we need to congratulate Konami. Really bold, guys, way to weather the storm. Second, to the protesting soldiers: Could you guys be more short-sighted? Think of the royalties, the merchandising, the breakfast cereal ("Stays crunchy in milk for six days!"), all of it! Wake up and smell the moolah. And lastly, to the players who might be disheartened: If you want to shoot vaguely Middle Eastern people, would you rather do it in defense of American ideals? Or in pursuit of a diamond-encrusted skull? Yeah, we thought so.

[Thanks, Will]

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