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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Apple, Verizon mulling iPhone deal for next year?
We've been down this path countless times, but rumors are once again heating up that Apple and Verizon are actively discussing the possibility of creating an iPhone to work on Big Red's airwaves.

Nikon D5000 hands-on
We knew good and well Nikon's highly anticipated D5000 was supposed to start shipping today, and ship they did.

GE microholographic storage promises cheap 500GB discs, Blu-ray and DVD compatibility
Ah, holographic storage -- you've held so much promise for cheap optical media since you were first imagined in research papers published in the early 60s.
Other news of import
Can 3D push customers to Blu-ray faster than HD?
While we're trying to figure out if this is the time 3D technology will stick, after a demo at NAB 2009, ZD's Robin Harris is convinced that not only is it the future, but a possible way to save Blu-ray.
Samsung I7500 with OLED touchscreen powered by Android, dreams
Anticipated for months, Samsung's first Android phone is finally a (paper) reality after being flushed through the rumor mill just hours ago.

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