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Blizzard spotlights the growing popularity of WoW papercraft

Lesley Smith

Now I don't get papercraft myself although I have come across it periodically. Basically it is the art of folding paper, turning 2D images into 3D models. Now this is not new and we've covered it before (check out our papercraft gallery below while you're here) but Blizzard Europe have taken some time out to interview papercrafter and designer Pascal as well as featuring some of his awesome creations.

I'm trying (and failing) not to go all fangirl over his papercraft moonkin (Druids FTW, etc., etc.) but it's impressive how intricate these models can be, from a mail box to a dragon. The spotlight also offers some hints on how to get started and while I'm totally useless at any crafty stuff, it makes me want to have a go at one of these beauties.

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