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Capcom reveals new Lost Planet 2 footage, pushing for demo during E3


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Continuing the onslaught of Capcom news today, Eurogamer reports that Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi said the game will not only be playable at E3, but that folks at home looking to get their hands on the game should be able to download a demo from Xbox Live Marketplace at some point during the show. So, you'll get to read our impressions right away, and then offer some unique insights of your own through the comments section. Neat!

The Capcom Unity blog has dropped a new trailer and several screens for us to gawk at, as well as some new details on the game, to add to your excitement for an impending demo. The title will feature 6 different episodes, and allow players to take up the role of their own unique snow pirate. As the snow pirate factions fight for control of the newly tropical EDN III, the game will change "depending upon the actions of the players involved." Capcom says players should expect to see the plot evolve from multiple characters' perspectives. The publisher also discussed the the four-player co-op and confirmed the presence of a ranking system.

You can check out plenty of new screens in our gallery below, or head past the break and watch the new trailer. That is, if you don't mind spoiling one of the boss fights for yourself.

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