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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Microsoft's "Pink" smartphone could rival iPhone on Verizon
It's crazy, we know. Just hours after hearing shockingly believable Apple / Verizon Wireless rumors, in flies a WSJ report asserting that the suits in Redmond are (also?) in talks with America's largest carrier.

Apple prototyping "iPhone lite" and MacBook Mini / media pad for Verizon?
Hot on the heels of yesterday's reports of Apple and VZW dealings comes some tantalizing, albeit still unconfirmed, new details by way of BusinessWeek.

Ten years of TiVo: how far we haven't come
What TiVo needs is a new plan -- and we've got five simple ideas that might help kickstart the company and the DVR market for the next ten years.
Other news of import
Goldmund asks "What recession?," releases Telos 5000 amplifier
Way to flaunt it, Goldmund -- while people are losing their homes, the company has introduced its flagship amplifier that costs as much as a house: the $189,600 Telos 5000.
Samsung Instinct s30 review
Once assumed to be a physically smaller version of the original Instinct (affectionately referred to as the Instinct Mini), the Instinct s30 is actually not an Instinct Nano.

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