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Trion partnering with Petroglyph to publish unknown MMORTS

Lesley Smith

According to Gamasutra and the company's official site, Trion World Network has teamed up with Universe at War developer Petroglyph to publish an unnamed MMORTS. The game, which doesn't yet have a release date, will be published globally on the Trion platform.

This collaboration is the first for Trion and they say it 'will breathe new life into the RTS genre' and that Petroglyph are 'renowned for developing high quality and innovative RTS games that appeal on a global level'. Indeed despite Trion's recent tribulations, the company seems to be going from strength to strength. Michael Legg, the president and co-founder of Petroglyph, appears to be just as keen on the partnership:
"Petroglyph is extremely excited to be working with a visionary publisher like Trion World Network. Combining Trion's platform and industry expertise with our GLYPH game technology and our development pedigree will allow us to unleash a groundbreaking MMORTS gaming experience to the world."

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