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Bid on this Andy Warhol Apple logo serigraph


I love art. I love Apple products. When the two intersect, I get very interested. For example, I have an original Nitrozac oil painting hanging on my office wall depicting Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone at Macworld Expo 2007.

TUAW reader Ramy sent us a tip about an Andy Warhol serigraph that is currently up for auction at O'Gallerie in Portland, Oregon. The silkscreen color print (photo at right) was commissioned by Del Yocam, who was Apple's first COO and head of the Apple II division during the 1980s. Yocam is now on the Board of Directors of Adobe Systems.

While we'll never know why this iconic Warhol is up for grabs, if you have $20-30K just burning a hole in your pocket, now you have something to spend it on.

Peter O'Grady of O'Gallerie was kind enough to give us permission to reproduce the image of the Warhol serigraph, and noted that Portland readers can attend the auction on May 6th at 7 PM PDT.

(Don't worry. I won't be bidding against you.)

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