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HP ProBook 4710s hands-on


We just had a quick run-in with the 17-inch version of HP's new ProBook s-series laptops. The design is almost startlingly nondescript, but not so minimal that it feels like they aren't trying. Build quality isn't legendary -- there's a little bit of keyboard flex, as noted by Laptop, and the whole thing feels a bit overly plastic -- but on the plus side it's lighter than it looks and should certainly hold up well to most pursuits. The keys have a bit of casual wobble to them, but they're clacky in the right sort of way, and very well defined. The screen is oh-so-thankfully non-glossy, and plenty fine to look at, but the lid on the back is regretfully smudgetastic. Overall it seems like there's plenty there for the money, but it's not going to have high-end business buyers confused in the slightest.

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