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Livingstone becomes 'life president' of Eidos


Longtime Eidos executive Ian Livingstone has been promoted to life president of ... wait, he's the what? Livingstone now holds the title of "life president," following Square Enix's takeover of the troubled British publisher. The executive will continue working in the creative process and "act as a spokesperson for the Eidos group," reports

Livingstone will also continue working with the British government to push forward tax credits and the "skills agenda."

We Googled "life president" because we figured this was some business term we'd just never heard of. Nope, it appears totally made up. The closest thing we could find was the term "President for Life," a title used by dictators -- which is not what's going on with Livingstone ... we think.

Just to make sure Wikipedia and Google hadn't missed anything in their combined infinite wisdom, we decided to contact several major academic business institutions. Harvard and Wharton have yet to return our phone calls; however, Stanford's media relations offered, "I can't think of any academic with serious scholarship wanting to weigh in on this."

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