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More incentive for guilds to claim keeps in Warhammer

Brooke Pilley

Claiming and defending keeps in Warhammer Online can be a costly endeavour, but it just became a lot more rewarding. Guilds that own a T4 keep when the zone their keep is in is captured will now receive a gold bag containing Annihilator gear. They will receive another gold Annihilator bag for each successive zone that is captured. If the fortress falls in the pairing where you own a keep, you will recive a gold Conqueror bag. Guild masters can transfer these gold bags to anyone in the guild.

Recently, Mythic added other incentives for keep claiming. In order to lock a zone with the new Zone Domination System, all keeps must be claimed. The most recent patch also included a keep upgrade system. Guilds who claim keeps can upgrade the the gate, guards, and add special merchants. The intrinsic incentive for claiming and defending a keep is of course guild pride. Wouldn't we all like to see our heraldry flying in the wind?

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