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Nokia N97 specs fully revealed

Chris Ziegler

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The remainder of the N97's juicy technical details have now been spilled on Nokia's dev-oriented Forum Nokia site -- previously, only cursory data had been posted here -- and there are a couple notable bits that might be of concern to developers and would-be buyers alike. First off, the processor turns out to be a single-core ARM 11 putting along at 434MHz, just 65MHz faster than the 5800's. It's an improvement, yes, but when you consider that the competing i8910 from Samsung runs a higher-performance 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8, it throws a wet towel on the whole thing. Seeing how this is designed to be Nokia's premier device for 2009, couldn't they have gone for broke with the silicon? Secondly -- this is something we already knew, but the spec sheet reminded (and delighted) us -- the N97 supports charging via micro-USB, which the 5800 does not. Life's about tradeoffs, isn't it?

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