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SED could still have a future, probably doesn't


After proclaiming that the world doesn't care about SED, could we be lured back into the endless wait for this tech to finally appear? Probably not, but you might, so we should mention Peter Putnam of Roam Consulting's post-NAB 2009 report that Canon is still investigating making displays available for pro monitors. Even though that certainly closes the door on any possibility of us ever buying an HDTV containing the long-embattled surface-conduction electron-emitter display just knowing it was out there, somewhere, would help the healing process along. Still, the professional market's desire for a proper flat panel display to replace CRT -- word is even LED backlit LCDs haven't satisfied editing suite denizens while plasmas are too big and lack the necessary calibration tools -- could someday bear fruit for those of us that watch the movies they make.

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