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Southpeak bringing Sled Shred to Wii

Justin McElroy

Here's a perfect example of why there needs to be freer communication between the press and game publishers. This morning, Southpeak announced that it would be releasing Sled Shred on the Wii, a downhill racing game that takes advantage of the Wii Balance Board. More importantly, though, the release stated that players would race "with and against the world-renowned Jamaican Bobsled team."

Springing into action, we asked the most obvious, important questions: [1] Will Doug E. Doug appear in the game? [2] Will zombie John Candy appear in the game? [3] At any point, will someone say "Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!"? Get this: We still haven't gotten a response from Southpeak. Guess we'll have to wait until Fall 2009 to find out for ourselves.

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