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Canada gets exclusive Xbox 360 Elite 'Anniversary Bundle,' GTA IV pack-in

Microsoft Canada has told Joystiq that a new console bundle is headed exclusively to the Great White North. The Grand Theft Auto IV: Limited Anniversary Edition bundle packs the best-selling "American Dream" simulator, GTA IV, with an Xbox 360 Elite console. As for other extras, the bundle comes up short.

Included in bundle are the standard Elite offerings (black console, controller and wired headset) along with 400, one month of Xbox Live and two promotional stickers: One for Grand Theft Auto IV itself and one for the Liberty City Swingers baseball team. That's it. The downloadable, Xbox 360 exclusive GTA IV: The Lost and Damned is not included.

The bundle is set to hit stores on May 4 and is priced at $399 -- the standard price for Canadian Xbox 360 Elite bundles. So, yay: a new bundle celebrating the one-year anniversary of GTAIV. Sorry if we don't bust out the confetti but this isn't even half as exciting as the Game of the Year edition bundle revealed earlier this month.

Update: FutureShop is now taking pre-orders on the GTAIV Elite bundle.

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