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One Shots: City of Trees panorama

Springtime blooms lush and green, as new growth replaces the barren trees and plains of winter. In the meantime, if you want to enjoy a land, rich with luscious foliage and beauty, you could do far worse than playing Lord of the Rings Online. Today's One Shots is a panoramic treat that has been sent in to us by Pontifax Stanis, and really needs to be seen full-size to be appreciated for all it's detail. Pontifax writes in: As promised some days ago, herewith goes a rather large picture made from a collection of shots, a good way to show the magnificent landscapes in Lord of the Rings Online. Caras Galadhon is the Fortress in the Trees (or City of Trees), the magic place for the Galadhrim Elves in LotRO. Somehow Turbine has managed to recreate the Tolkien atmosphere within the game, with light changes playing an important part into the mixture. I've been wandering the land, like an Ansel Adams from hobbit era, taking pictures wherever I go. This is one of the panoramas you get within the Galadhrim realm. Try to keep the music on while in the area and just let your senses take you into the magic. It's worth the time you spend there.

Have you tried your hand at making panoramics of a particular area in your favorite game? If so, we'd love to see them. All you have to do is attach them to an email and write up a quick blurb on what we're seeing, then email it to us at oneshots AT

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