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HTC Snap reviewed: QWERTY keyboard, Winmo 6.1, no great shakes


We know you've been dying to get your hands all over the HTC Snap... oh, wait. You haven't? Well, neither have we -- but no matter, 'cos Smartphone Daily has a review, and they've filled us in on the luscious deets. For the uninitiated, this is a 2.4-inch, Windows Mobile 6.1, touchscreen deficient candybar, and something of a BlackBerry doppelganger (if only in the looks department), featuring WiFi and a camera. Wild, huh? Overall, the reviewer found it to be "decent" -- if you're looking for a "business device," that is. The Inner Circle feature was singled out for some praise: little more than an Inbox filter for your, erm, "inner circle," you have to wonder why a manufacturer hadn't thought of it before. On the downside, he did find the inclusion of a TAB key (where the A key belongs) to be particularly annoying. This bad boy will go on sale this summer in Europe, at which time the S522 (as it's known 'round here) should hit the shops Stateside. One more pic after the break.

[Via Slash Gear]

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