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Informal poll suggests nearly 70% of Kindle owners are over 40


There's already been some anecdotal evidence that the Kindle appeals to a slightly older set than your average newfangled gadget, and a new poll culled from responses on the Amazon forums is now shedding a bit more, if still not entirely scientific light on the matter. According to the Kindle Culture blog, the single largest group of Kindle users (broken down by decade) is folks in their 50s, with those in their 40s and 60s coming in second and third -- all of which adds up to nearly 50% of users being over 50, and close to 70% being over 40. Broken down into some broader demographics, that translates to adults 35-54 accounting for 38.4% of the user base, with older adults (over 54) representing a healthy 37.3%, while young adults (18-34) manage a mere 22%. Still looking for more numbers? Then hit up the link below for the complete breakdown, plus a bonus pie chart.

[Via Crave]

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