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Massively webcomic: Grinders - Big Ships Eat Little Ships

Lemuel Pew

This is probably a common gag for EVE players familiar with the Titan capital ships, and Arkhamina from GoonFleet was kind enough to share it for Grinders, along with this adorable little narrative:

"Once upon a time, there was a sad Titan. All of his buddies had gone to Empire space to gank the freighters who were safely moving things around where Concord was there to protect them. Since Titans are not allowed there, he could not go play with his Goon friends, he wandered lonely alone, until he saw a Tempest, all alone. He opened his mouth wide and..... CHOMP."

Have a funny story of your own? Submit your tale complete with a screenshot to The best will be tenderized into a square patty and grilled on the barbie for our next luau. Or just put in the comic.

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Lemuel PewLemuel Pew is a webcomic artist and MMO player with the attention span of a guppy. Between sketching gamers in cartoon form and making too many alts in City of Heroes, he draws an online comic called Blank It. Feel free to watch his Twitter at your own risk.

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