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Retailer listings suggest fourth Fallout 3 expansion


Itchin' for more wasteland scouring? According to retailer listings spotted this morning, another piece of Fallout 3 DLC may very well be in the works, known as "Point Look" (by eStarland) or "Point Lookout" (by DeepDiscounts). Much like the recent packaging of Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage and The Pitt DLCs, this one comes bundled with the third currently announced add-on, Broken Steel, and is listed at $19.95.

Shacknews asked Bethesda marketing VP Pete Hines about the retail listings and got this in return, "We have said there will be three DLCs for Fallout 3, for PC and 360. Beyond that we have no announced plans for additional DLC." The site points out the caginess of Hines' "announced" claim, though we'd add that he specifically notes "for PC and 360." While Bethesda has said the PS3 version of Fallout 3 won't be receiving this DLC, this wouldn't be a bad way to do it, eh?

Source - Shacknews
Source - eStarland
Source - DeepDiscounts

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