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X-ray pix peep into video game innards, look awesome

Kevin Kelly

What do you do when you're an x-ray technician at the largest hospital in the northern part of the Netherlands? You haul your collection of gaming consoles and accessories in and send them through, naturally. Check out the gallery below of images that we received from Reinier van der Ende, and take a look at your consoles in a way you've never seen them before. What's especially impressive is that he even took the time to scan some N64 carts, a Zapper, an empty Wii wheel, and a Game Boy Pocket, among others.

Check out the gallery below for all of the radiated gaming goodies, and just wonder how this guy got everything in and out of the hospital. We'd pay hard cash money for a photo of a red-ringed 360 on the way to the x-rays in a gown and wheelchair.

Gallery: X-ray Video Gaming Goodness | 26 Photos

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