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Australian Envirobank gives goodies for recyclables, plus a sympathetic ear

Tim Stevens

If you're in a state within the States that's instituted bottle and can redemption programs, you've probably seen automated recycling machines that accept the discarded shells of your formerly refreshing beverages and dispense real money in return. Australia is getting on-board with a similar machine that bribes folks to recycle, but in a somewhat more high-tech way -- and without the up-front redemption fee. The Envirobank accepts both cans and bottles, scanning the bar code to identify the product and also checking the material to make sure it's recyclable. Accepted containers are crushed and kept, while the kind-hearted recycler gets a coupon or credit of some sort for their efforts (details TBD). Interestingly, the machine sports a mysterious yellow button that will connect troubled kids to "somebody who will listen" -- a nice idea, but we're not entirely sure how many youths will be interested in pouring their hearts out to a big box in the mall food court.

[Via The Red Ferret Journal]

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