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Broken Sword creator working on potential movie version


Can we agree that movies based on video games tend to be terrible? We think we've identified a reason, among many: studios usually make movies based on games that aren't exactly ... story-oriented. Street Fighter? Resident Evil? Tomb Raider?

Adventure games, on the other hand, are very story-driven, and would translate well to the silver screen. An adventure game movie could basically work as a reenactment of the game without a floating cursor. The only problem is that they aren't really popular enough for studios to finance such an endeavor. Broken Sword series creator Charles Cecil may get a rare chance to make his adventure series into a movie.

"I am in discussions with Radar Pictures, the production company behind Last Samurai and Chronicles of Riddick amongst many other films," Cecil told IncGamers. "We are still planning the project and I have been re-writing the game to work as a film treatment." This film project has been in the works since 2007, but it's comforting, at least, to know that Cecil hasn't given up yet. The recent Wii/DS remake of Shadow of the Templars could help boost the profile of the series, and add momentum to the film.

We're a bit concerned, though, that a film adaptation of a game popular in Europe could attract the attention of one of the other problems with movie games: Uwe Boll.

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