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EA Sports MotionPlus games coming out a week early


EA just released some awesome news for people hoping to have something to do with their MotionPlus peripherals when the device comes out on June 8. The company announced that the release dates for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis are being bumped up a week, to match the release of the MotionPlus.

Even better, the Tiger Woods/MotionPlus bundle is also coming out on June 8, so the peripheral will be available with a game from day one. Nice of EA to step up and do what, for some reason, Nintendidn't.

Surprisingly, despite now being available alongside the MotionPlus, EA probably won't be able to boast the first game to support it -- or even the first tennis game. Sega hasn't announced an official date for Virtua Tennis 2009 beyond "June", but GameStop currently lists June 2.

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