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Eidos Montreal to announce second project on May 11 (probably Thief)

Fresh-faced development studio Eidos Montreal is currently hard at work on its inaugural project, Deus Ex 3, but that doesn't mean it's incapable of multitasking -- according to an ad in the upcoming issue of Edge Magazine, the studio is set to reveal its second project on May 11, which just happens to be the day before GDC Canada kicks off. The project's identity is difficult to ... well, it's unclear -- yeah, it's Thief. It's going to be a Thief game, guys.

The ad does more than hint at the identity of the title -- it references accolades from GameSpy and GameSpot which have been laid upon the Thief franchise, and even seems to feature the Thief logo, somewhat obfuscated by a sticker mentioning the May 11 reveal. Unless we're being fleeced with unprecedented gusto, you can expect to hear more about Eidos Montreal's kleptomaniacal second project in exactly one week.

[Via VG247]

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