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New player-elected 51/50 server coming to EverQuest

Lesley Smith

Who here plays EverQuest? Come on, hands up. Well, you're a lucky bunch as dev Clint Worley has announced on the game's official blog that a new rule set server is incoming. The type of server was chosen via player vote and Worley is keen to impress upon players that they do listen to what is being said and act upon it.

One of Everquest's most interesting aspects is the different types of servers, some are set to a specific era, pre-expansions or world events, others allow you to skip levels and some even have permanent death. Characters can choose how they want to play, not just a specific style like PvP or RP but also allows for much more freedom.

Worley, who is moving on to pastures new, announced in his final blog post that, as a result of a player poll, the new server would have a ruleset of 51/50. This means all characters will start at level 51 with 50 Achievement Ability points. There's no date on when the server will go live or on any restrictions regarding transfers but all is sure to be revealed in good time.

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