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Wheelman fuels up with premium DLC on 360 today, PS3 May 7


Midway's Ubisoft's middle-of-the-road Vin Diesel action vehicle, Wheelman, gets its first (only?) round of DLC on Xbox 360 today in the form of six new "Street Showdown" missions. Two "packs" are available: a 400 ($5) collection of five "premium" races and a free pack of ... one race. (Ah yes, the budget-friendly "1-pack.")

We know you're excited, PS3 owners, but you'll have to wait until the regularly scheduled PlayStation Store update on Thursday, May 7 to pick up the DLC equivalent of a pine tree air freshener for $4.99. Which, as it so happens, is about the price of two gallons of gas in most states. Just sayin'.


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