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EA launches Need for Speed Undercover for iPhone ... right now!


Hey! Remember when EA's Travis Boatman very quietly reconfirmed a boatload of EA franchises coming to the iPhone in 2009? Oh, you don't? That's okay, we nearly forgot too. In fact, we're pretty sure the company would like to keep these anouncements secret, as Need for Speed: Undercover hit the iTunes App Store today without so much as a peep from its publisher!

The game comes e-brake sliding into the store for the not-so-nice price of $9.99, and though we've yet to get our hands on it, we'll be sure to tell you how we feel just as soon as we do. For 10 bucks though, that might not be too soon.

Need for Speed: Undercover ($9.99, EA) Need for Speed: Undercover (US)

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