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Peter Moore on digital distribution, used game sales


Speaking to, Peter Moore shared some of his thoughts on digital distribution and the future of games at retail. When asked whether we might see a day when yearly sports titles are released as downloadable patches instead of on retail discs, Moore said that Electronic Arts is trying many different things in the online space -- such as 3-on-3 NHL Arcade and NCAA March Madness Edition -- but has "no plans" to change its core business model. Moore stated further that moving to an update-only model for annual sports titles is "not as easy as it sounds" and that the data in a new sports title amounts to much more than a simple patch.

Still, Moore believes -- as he did in his Dreamcast days -- that online is the future of the gaming business. Concerning retail, Moore noted that things like Xbox Live subscription cards are a good way for retailers to become part of online distribution. Regarding used games, Moore doesn't seem concerned with putting a stop to the practice, instead saying that publishers must find ways to monetize such consumers. Said Moore, "They still log-on, and we get access to them, so how do we sell them stuff?"

Our suggestion: Rename all EA sports games Madden. That ought to do it.

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