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PopCap's Plants Vs. Zombies now available

Justin McElroy

Hello, I'm compensated spokesperson Robert Loggia. You know, I play a lot of tough guys in my movies, but there's one thing that even I won't mess around with: drugs. And no, I'm not talking about uppers and down-os or whatever you kids are shoving up your noses these days. I'm talking about PopCap games.

It may seem like a lot of fun at first. "Hey, I'll just knock out a few rounds of Peggle to relax, it'll be real 'dope'." But bad news, kid: You're the dope. First thing you know, you'll have clicking arthritis and your legs will atrophy and fall off. Don't laugh, punk, I've seen it happen to tougher guys than you.

Today, PopCap's got a new thing on the streets, Plants vs. Zombies they call it. For just $19.99 they'll get you high on their take on tower defense, and pretty much every dealer in the digital distribution game has it. They've even got a little song to help get the kids hooked. Hey, I wrote a song too. It's called "Oops, I Played Too Much Plants vs. Zombies And I Forgot to Eat and I Died and I Wish I'd Listened to TV and Film Star Robert Loggia."

It's a real catchy tune ... until I sing it about you. Stay smart -- stay away from PopCap.

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