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Rumor: New Xbox 360 title on the way from Konami


According to a list of 2009 projects from Gem Impact, the audio production studio founded by Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino, Konami has a new Xbox 360 title in the works. First of all, no, we're not going to say it. We'll just say that the title could be anything. It's also worth noting, as does Gamezine, that the same page lists Bayonetta as a PS3-only title, which isn't the case. Thus, the Konami listing could easily be a multiplatform title -- the new Castlevania title revealed last year, perhaps.

Also worth pointing out, the list notes an upcoming PS3 title from Fatal Frame IV and No More Heroes developer Grasshopper Manufacture. This might be the upcoming horror project with EA that was announced last year -- for Xbox 360 and Wii as well, incidentally -- or it might be something completely different.

Maybe it's time to start thinking up this year's E3 Bingo cards ....

[Via Gamezine]

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