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Ars discusses rumored Xbox 360 motion sensor


Microsoft's rumored motion-sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360 may have actually been on display to the public under a different banner, Ars Technica suggests. The meat of this speculation (tofu compact for vegans) is that the site actually saw the same technology at the Consumer Electronics Show last year, and Microsoft is allegedly buying 3DV, the company responsible.

Back at CES 2008, 3DV apparently had a small web-cam that could detect movement and interaction, telling Ars at the time that it planned to release the item in the "sub-$100 area." Ars states that the technology was already "mature" at the time and was like having a "Microsoft Surface -- without the Surface." It's all still "rumor and speculation," but it seems Ars has found some missing puzzle pieces between the couch cushions.

[Via Engadget]

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