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Atlantic Technology turns loose three new speaker systems, plus four subs

Steven Kim

Talk about a lineup refresh, Atlantic Technology has pumped out three new speaker systems and thrown in a new set of subwoofers for good measure. The 1400, 2400, and 4400 systems each consist of two-way bookshelf-type speakers for L/R duties, a two-way mid-tweet-mid center channel, and a pair of surrounds that is switchable between bipole and dipole radiation. Oh, and don't forget you can add the recently-announced 1400 SR-z speakers for front-channel height effects. When bookshelf speakers are pressed into home theater duty, you just know a subwoofer can't be far behind -- in this case new SB-series powered subs. The updated 642e joins the 224, 334, and 444 SB subs all pack long-throw woofers into sealed boxes for the boom. Prices range from $1,680 to $3,800 for the systems; hit those links for more details and specs.

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