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ESA 'applauds' game pirate imprisonment


It's hard to convey the sound of two hands clapping through a press release, but the ESA has managed to do just that. Celebrating the recent 10-month jail sentence of Khuong Van Truong, a San Jose resident caught with "11,000 bootleg video games, 4,000 DVDs and 300 audio CDs," the ESA has released a statement today lauding the California courts which sentenced the man.

We applaud the work of both the San Jose Police Department and the Santa Clara County Office of the District Attorney for their hard work and dedication to bringing this game pirate to justice," the statement reads. Van Truong was arrested last year after his two-year-old son was found wandering around a busy intersection. When police brought the chiild home, they discovered a large piracy operation as well as a variety of illegal drugs. Here's hoping Van Truong's family can take the child into custody during the sentence.

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